Glossary for escort services

Glossary of Sexual Terms, Abbreviations and Slang Expressions
Part two

Glossary is a dictionary of highly specialized terms in any area of ​​human activity. Every profession has commonly used slang and abbreviations that are not understood by a wide range of users.

Our agency «Escort Girls» provides the highest quality escort services in all cities of Israel. Therefore, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at sexual terms and jargon that you may not have known about yet. This information will be useful if you decide to order a prostitute or escort, but you cannot clearly formulate your desires or do not know about the existence of such a service. All descriptions are illustrated. This will give a visual representation of what is at stake. The terms are not in alphabetical order, but in semantic combination.

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Faissitting is a sexual practice in which a partner sits on the other’s face, initiating oral-genital or oral-anal contact. Most often, the service is provided in the context of female domination.

Rimming (Anilingus)

It is a sexual practice that involves stimulating the anus with the tongue or lips in order to induce sexual arousal and sexual satisfaction for the partner. The service is popular, but requires a special relationship with the model.

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Anal sex

Also called Greek. As you know, this is sexual intercourse performed by inserting the penis or strapon of one partner into the anus of another. The anus area in most people is very sensitive and an important erogenous zone. Accordingly, stimulation of the anus can generate additional sexual arousal in both sexes. A very popular service. Additional payment for the model’s services for this type of sex is required. Book anal sex in Tel Aviv.

ATM (Ass to Mouth)

Ass to mouth – this is when a man, after inserting his penis into the girl’s anus, immediately after that puts a penis in her mouth. This way she can taste the taste of her own anal passage. Very often this action is repeated several times. This kind of sex means a certain male power and a special female trust. It is very expensive and most often occurs in the context of mild male dominance. Book anal sex in Tel Aviv.

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A strap-on is a dildo that is designed to be worn during sex. Most often, it is a dildo consisting of thongs and a phallus-shaped attachment. The strapon can be used for various types of sexual play. This is anal sex, and oral sex, and vaginal. It is often used by women who want to play an active role in sex. Often, an additional attachment is provided in the strap-on that stimulates the anus of the one who wears it.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a massage and stimulation of the prostate gland for additional sexual arousal for a man. As you know, the prostate is the most sacred male point. Male prostate massage relieves psycho-emotional and physical stress. Combining prostate massage with oral sex results in incredible orgasms. Definitely, every man should try this.

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DP (Double Penetration)

The case when a girl has sex with two clients at the same time. At the same time, simultaneous frictions are made in her vagina and anus. Such sex causes additional sensations in men from rubbing their members against each other through the vaginal wall. Well, the girl gets double pleasure. Therefore, if the clients are attracted to the model, then, more often than not, she agrees to this type of sex for an additional fee.

Gang Bang

This type of sex in which the model has sexual intercourse with a group of three or more men. This is determined by the fact that a girl can simultaneously serve three men using her natural holes. The rest of the men can stand nearby and masturbate while waiting for their turn to have sex. The atmosphere of total sex additionally excites the participants. Possibly for an additional fee. The number of participants is by agreement, but most often no more than three men.


It is called so due to the fact that after ejaculation without a condom, sperm flows out of the woman’s vagina or anus. And if they have sex again, after a short pause, the sperm from numerous frictions becomes like a whipped cream.

Golden shower / Sex Champagne

Sex using urine in any form. The client gets additional pleasure from being able to urinate on a partner or from having a partner urinate on him.

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Femdom (Female domination)

In this case, the client receives satisfaction through humiliation and submission. At the same time, a strap-on and other sexual toys are almost always used. Practices are possible in which the client even experiences mild pain. The pleasure arises as a result of additional emotional experiences during such sexual contact.