Escort meetings in Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Of course, there is no doubt that the pandemic has led to serious complications in the global escort industry. Israel is no exception in this series. The escort girls suffered the most from the stringent quarantine measures. In Israel, as in many states, public places and beaches are closed and strict restrictions on leaving home are imposed.

However, from mid-October 2020, a decrease in the number of cases can be observed. In this regard, the Israeli government is easing the quarantine conditions. This gives rise to excitement and hope that the quarantine will soon be canceled altogether. There will be no need to comply with restrictions and prohibitions and it will be possible to return to the previous comfortable life.

escort meeting in Israel, эскорт встречи в Израиле, מפגש ליווי בישראל

Sex during quarantine

Sexual health is an important part of modern health. And while the coronavirus situation is alarming, the COVID-19 pandemic is not a reason to quit sex. However, sexual intercourse during quarantine can be challenging. You need to be extremely careful not to allow the spread of coronavirus during sexual activity.

you should stop having sex if your potential partner is showing any symptoms of coronavirus
kissing and close face-to-face contact should be avoided, and the best position for sex is 69
do not need to consume alcohol and other substances that can affect your ability to make informed decisions

escort meeting in Israel, эскорт встречи в Израиле, מפגש ליווי בישראל

Escort meetings in Israel during the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost all escort agencies are experiencing great difficulties. Of course, this makes some models think about changing their profession during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an understandable desire, because many girls serving escort meetings in Israel are smart, educated and have the opportunity to continue working in their direct specialty. However, living on a salary that is much less than their income from working as an escort is not suitable for every girl. Many are accustomed to a luxurious life, travel, and now they have to forget about all this for an indefinite time.

escort meeting in Israel, эскорт встречи в Израиле, מפגש ליווי בישראל

Escorts lost the opportunity to travel abroad, where they could receive high fees and expensive gifts, meeting with wealthy clients. A very large proportion of clients in Israel itself were foreign tourists. But with the introduction of quarantine and, as a result, the cessation of mass events and the ban on crossing the border, the agencies have lost part of their clientele and incur heavy losses.

Situation in the agency «Escort Girls»

But still, despite the strict restrictions on communication and contacts in Israel, our agency often receives orders for escort services for girls. Life doesn’t end. Business meetings, comfortable rest in a close circle and sexual relations have not yet been canceled.

The girls of our agency comply with all the rules of conduct and sanitary and hygienic standards legalized by the government of Israel during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We have a widespread practice of treating hands with an antiseptic and wearing a mask and gloves at the request of the customer. And despite the use of protective equipment, our models serve an escort meetings in Israel at the highest level. However, as before the period of the pandemic. And the mask will not only not diminish the charm of the companion, but will also emphasize the beauty and shine of the eyes, add mystery and piquancy, and bring some element of the game into the meeting.

In addition, for some clients, girls who serve them undergo a medical test for COVID-19 and receive a corresponding certificate. You need to understand that the presence of such a document, indicating the absence of coronavirus, can significantly affect the cost of an escort meetings in Israel upwards.

escort meeting in Israel, эскорт встречи в Израиле, מפגש ליווי בישראל

All methods of transmission of the virus have not yet been clarified by scientists. It is known, for example, that the coronavirus is transmitted through handshakes. Whether it is sexually transmitted is still unknown. However, if it is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, there is a risk of transmission even with a hug. This is why it is important to use some distance, protective or at least antiseptic agents.

As a result, without exception, all models of our agency «Escort Girls»

  • wash their hands thoroughly
  • are disinfected
  • put on a mask and gloves at the request of the client
  • avoid large crowds of people
  • tested for coronavirus

All models of our agency are familiar with the rules of sanitary safety and personal hygiene.

In conclusion, we can say that the escort service industry exists even during the crisis. The nature of the service itself has changed. There were fewer orders for support in museums, excursions, restaurants, discos. Now applications for joint vacations or accompaniment at business meetings within a particular city of Israel have become more frequent. But the situation in the country, as well as throughout the world, is gradually improving. Soon, an escort meetings in Israel will be in full demand, just like before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be healthy!

escort meeting in Israel, эскорт встречи в Израиле, מפגש ליווי בישראל

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